An electric vehicle can be described, quite simply, as a vehicle that uses an electric motor or several electric motors in order to move. However, some vehicles are still considered “electric” if they use traction motors instead. When most modern people think of electric vehicles, they think of electric cars, but there are many other types of electric vehicles currently in use around the world. Trains, lorries, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, and even devices used to travel in space are all electric vehicles. Think, then, of all of the things that would not be possible without electric travel and without the wonderful invention of electric vehicles.

In fact, electric vehicles are not a new invention by any means. They were first invented in the middle of the 19th century. During that time, cars that ran on traditional gasoline were just coming into fashion. People quickly discovered, however, that they were not capable of moving as fast or being used as easily, so the electric vehicle was invented. Word spread quickly, and eventually almost all modern people had at least heard of electric vehicles. They eventually acquired a reputation as being for only the rich and powerful.

Since the time of their invention, people have been very interested in and even fascinated with electric vehicles. However, they have never been as prominent as subject of discussion as they are now. In today’s world, as humans watch the planet suffer the effects of global warming and other problems caused by a lack of care and concern on the part of humans, saving the planet has become increasingly important. Fortunately, electric vehicles do not pollute the earth or contribute to any of the problems plaguing the world today. As such, more and more concerned drivers are making the choice to drive electric vehicles over the traditional gas guzzling models. Most of the electric vehicles purchased today to be used in place of traditional cars are hybrids, meaning they are not completely electric but rely on less of traditional fossil fuels than regular cars. Generally, the fossil fuels are used only as a standby when there is not enough electricity to power the vehicle.

Even if a person is not ready to make the switch to a fully electric vehicle, that individual can still use other electric vehicles more often than traditional cars in order to have a more positive environmental impact. Bicycles are considered electric vehicles, as are scooters, certain motorcycles, and other individual transport devices. Taking one of these to work just three times a week can significantly reduce the negative impact one has on the environment. Likewise, choosing to take an electric train or other mass transport system whenever possible will also contribute to a healthier world in general.